BURANA is the yearning of an enterprising woman who creates the company to provide sustainable development to a village of extreme poverty in the sierra of Peru. They live under a subsistence economy and the woolen looms they produce, we make them part of fine leather products such as purses and wallets.

Vision: The San José de Matalacas hamlet achieves a sustainable development because it attracts foreigners who want to experience experiential tourism and to admire the millennial art of the waist loom. We are a company B, Ethical Fashion and ambassadors of the brand BURANA

Mission: Our mission is for the whole world to know that the millennial art of the loom can be used not only as a memento of a visit to Peru but also as an important part of a fine accessory.

Values: We work with social responsibility and practice fair trade


Eco Friendly

We have an environmentally friendly workshop. Our strategic partners are the artisans of the villages in the interior of the country, who keep alive the art of handmade fabric. BURANA has Solar Panels in the premises of its workshop with the purpose of making proper use of solar energy, thinking about the healthy conservation of the environment. This means that the use of this type of energy does not generate harmful greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide to the atmosphere; caring about the survival of the living beings that inhabit the planet. Saving the earth is one of the benefits of using solar energy, through the use of renewable energy, we can produce less CO2 and thus reduce the cause of global warming.
Burana ensures and contributes to the care of the Earth.


We are committed to the sustainable development of these peoples through the innovation of our products. BURANA, by distributing its finished products mainly made with beautiful and ancestral handmade looms from San José de Matalacas hamlet located in Piura located in the north of Peru
in South America; through the distribution and sale of its products, will unveil the loom of San José de Matalacas hamlet to Peru and the whole world. The hamlet San José de Matalacas will no longer be anonymous for the world, which will benefit economically so that it can leave its precarious state and be able to improve its quality of life, giving more work to its inhabitants.

Social Responsability

As a result of this experience, we created a company to provide sustainable development to the Matalacas hamlet, acquiring for the first time its production and making them attractive items for sale. BURANA through sustainable development programs, will guide the population of San José de Matalacas hamlet to invest their incomes for the sale of their looms in the development of their community, focused on education, food, safety, health and social wellness; taking into account the expectations and needs of the village.


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